client : private
status : project
year : 2020
program : energetic facade renovation of an existing multi-family house
location : vd switzerland

The current house is situated in the heart of a historic village and contains 3 apartments, one on the lower ground floor, a duplex on the upper ground floor and upstairs, and an attic apartment.
The lower ground floor apartment  has been recently  renovated. The upper floors no longer meet current energy standards.

To improve the quality of life of the apartment tenants and to contribute to combating climate change, the owner decided to do an energy renovation.

The renovation plans an external wall insulation finished with a render coat and the insulation of the roof finished with new tiles.
The materials and colors were proposed with the aim of respecting the look and original appearance of the house while maintaining a harmonious color palette and the choice of noble materials.

The façades will be clad with a rough plaster.
Window frames are carefully detailed with a white fine plaster casing and beveled side jambs to let in as much daylight as possible.
The new shutters will be double-folded on one side of the window for easier handling and to give the façade a more contemporary feel.
The additional insulated roof thickness will be marked with a copper roof edge that protects the existing roof structure.
Additional solar panels in the roof will contribute to hot water production.